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Course Name:

Asbestos Contractor Supervisor Initial



Course Description

Asbestos Contractor Supervisor Course. This five day (40 hour) course is designed for the initial training of individuals who desire to be asbestos abatement contractors/supervisors.

The contractor supervisor training includes:

  • Asbestos Characteristics
  • Health Effects
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Safety Considerations
  • Personal Protection, Regulations; OSHA, EPA, State and local, Pre-Work Activities and Considerations, Confining and Minimizing Airborne Fibers, Waste Disposal Requirements, Post-removal Lockdown and Asbestos Substitutes, training for supervision of the workers, managing respiratory and safety programs on the asbestos job site and information on interpreting air sampling.

Target Audience

The Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor training course is for any individual who performs supervision of persons permitted to enter the restricted and regulated asbestos abatement work area.

The supervisor is also responsible for performing the duties of the OSHA competent person for the asbestos project, consistent with current EPA and OSHA regulations.

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