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News - OSHA has issued their final Construction Confined Space Standard

The new standard is now longer than the two paragraphs at 29CFR1926.21 b which referenced enclosed spaces but did not give guidance on procedures to follow for construction.

The new standard provides rules for Construction, multi-employer worksites and further defines work for the Owner (Host Employer) versus the Contractor (Controlling Contractor) who may have employees performing activities within confined spaces.

The previous standard did not address work activities outside the space which may impact those areas within the enclosed or confined space.  Examples include generators producing exhaust or flooding potential to the worksite.

The standard can be found at 29CFR1926.1201 and in the newest subpart for OSHA Construction Standards Subpart AA.

Provisions new to the regulation include aspects of competent person evaluation, continuous monitoring, non-entry rescue, rescue personnel training and requires a qualified person.

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