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Site Investigation & Remediation

DC Environmental (DCE) provides full service environmental site investigation and remediation services to address a variety of pollutant conditions.

Site Investigations determine the contamination severity and mitigation methods on the contaminated site and include:

·    Comprehensive examinations

·    Appropriate design

·    Plan installations

·    Feasibility studies

DCE’s dedicated staff develops effective solutions in order to successfully complete thousands of site investigation and remediation projects on schedule.

Our experienced project managers and certified Industrial hygienists (CIH), and scientists identify cost-effective solutions and develop long-term relationships with our clients to understand their budgetary needs.

DCE offers up-to-date knowledge of federal, state and local regulations throughout the United States. Quality control is strictly enforced and all work completed by DCE is documented and performed under the direction of a CIH. DCE is well-known in the industry for our superior quality of work and client satisfaction.